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Charlie Smith'sMRr
J.G. Sharp'sMr
Papa JoesMRr
Royal OakMr
Ye Olde Anchor InnMr


Welcome to NightB4 in Largs, your indispensable guide to a night out in Largs. Although Largs may not be recognised as a social Mecca, it is still a fantastic little town for having a night out in, and a great time can be had by all. It is the home town of one of our founders, just in case you wondered why it was included in a City night life guide when Largs is far from being a city.

Situated on the Firth of Clyde, about fifteen miles from Greenock, Largs is a seaside town with fantastic views over the Clyde, a selection of superb restaurants and hotels, and the world famous Nardini's Cafˇ. At night however, the town is far from being a sleepy little seaside town, and throughout the year the pubs are packed.

Largs' nightlife is popular both with the locals, and people from surrounding towns, who find Largs a friendly and inviting town to spend the night in. The large selection of pubs caters to the tastes of almost anyone, but there is only one club, The Fiddlers, where you can go for that precious extra hour of drinking.

In October 2002 the annual Gaelic Mod, a festival celebrating Gaelic culture, is being held in Largs. The town will be extremely busy for the week of the festival (October 11th-19th), and you can expect all the local pubs to be packed to bursting throughout the day. And after all, with that many people speaking Gaelic, you might as well get pissed since it'll make absolutely no difference in your attempts to understand them.


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