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What is NightB4? Well, NightB4 was really started off as "The Largs Pub Crawl Guide", which I wrote in 1998 for my home town of Largs as basic guide to the pubs in the town and my own personal views of them (which so far I've only had one person disagreeing with, so I feel they are quite accurate).

I made nothing directly from doing the site, although the landlord of my local loved it and commissioned me to a website for his pub (it was number one on the site before I did this, so it was a case of his placing got me the job rather than the other way about).

I enjoyed doing the site and it started to become quite popular with tourists visiting the town who searched for 'Largs' in Yahoo! before coming as the site was close the top of results. I was getting visitors from all over the world and I considered it quite popular considering I had not spent any money advertising it.

It was at the beginning of 2000 that I suggested to my friend nawckz that we should write a similar site for Glasgow, where I moved to for University mid way through 1999. From there we eventually came up with the NightB4 (from The Morning After the Night Before), and registered the .com and domain names. We also bought simply because I thought it would be useful at some point, and later decided that all Admins would have an address so as to leave addresses to be used for web mail or something suitable in the future.

Although we'd originally planned it as just a site written by us and friends for Glasgow, we realised that other people may want to write a guide for their own town or city, but had very little or no skills at coding web pages. To this end we started writing a web based interface which required the author to simply type the review and press enter. Knox did the coding for this and I did the design of the site layout, graphics and page templates.

We think NightB4 will be popular because it's owned and run by people like you, if you disagree with a review, write your own and let people get a different perspective. If you've ever gone to a new town or city for a night out you know what it's like trying to find the best pubs and clubs, so that's why we want our guides to be written by locals, those who know which pubs have a good atmosphere, and those that are to avoided like the plague.

So who is NightB4 owned by? Simply myself and nawckz, 50/50 partners. We've coded and paid for everything ourselves, and the only company I work for is a local supermarket as a shop assistant. We would like to make money from the site, but for the moment, we just want to make it popular and useful.

How big will it be? Who knows, it all depends how many of you decide to write a guide, so maybe we'll only have about ten towns and cities written by my friends, but I would like to think that eventually we'll have guides for every major town and city in the world, and the first thing anyone does before going on holiday is to check out what pubs and clubs NightB4 suggests. But then again, we all have dreams...

Co-founder, NightB4

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