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Tiger Tiger map

Contact Details

1-2 Shiprow,
AB11 5BY.
(01224) 252434


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Tiger Tiger

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Fri 16th May 2008

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If one was completely wasted and could not recognize the untasteful fashion sense of his or her fellow club-goers then Tiger would not be that bad. I have seen many a skimpy bints dancing in a manner similar to that of drugged Japanese girls. The male crowd is sadly comparable though it could be said they have worse tastes in fashion and style, namely hair cuts that look ridiculous. If you want a wholesome atmosphere then this is the place to go. The music for RnB fans is quite good however if you have different tastes it would be best for you to look elsewhere. The decor is quite homely with a nice Eastern/Pacific theme throughout. If you are not intoxicated beforehand and are not too eager to spend an assload to get there than you might as well stay sober, which despite the nice appeal of the interior is quite unbearable.

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Fri 16th Jun 2006

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Tiger Tiger is the best. You will find no CHAV here, and less people starting fights. Fair enough it can be full of pretty people which makes other folk feel like its full of posers, but its nae their fault that ur ugly lol. Rock on Tiger!!!

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Thu 2nd Feb 2006

Was this review helpful? Yes No

I was in TIGER TIGER on Monday night and let me tell u, if it was any LAMER!! i think i would of been sick in everyone face.

I swear it is one of the worst clubs in Aberdeen.

Every bar was FULL, but not with bartenders! NO... 2 bartenders on each bar with 100s of people waiting for drinks.

Its a pitty i wasnt FEMALE, because no matter what the asshole MALE bartenders served them 1st.

NEVER EVER have i seen a more shallow bunch of people jammed into one place... it was quite sickening to be honest.

Dressed up with no class thats how i see it... just because you dress smart and look after your appearance.. doesnt mean you can neglect your personality and still come across as HUMAN.

LAME LAME LAME... get some class you common scum brainless dancing drunk monkeys

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spiked punch
Sun 1st Jan 2006

Was this review helpful? Yes No

tiger tiger is poor.trys to be classy but jst attracts twats.u mayb think its gd and if ur managin to piss off the snobby girls that go ther plz keep it goin jst to put their noses out of joint.the fat asian bouncer is a TWAT,110%

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Wed 21st Dec 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

135lbs? Since when has 9 and a half stone been obese? haha, obviously ignoramus 'bash' likes his chicks from the eating disorder crew.
Anyway Tiger Tiger is a breath of fresh air to me, considering everytime I come up to visit my brother I was forced into a night at the hell that is Liquid! I can't really understand why this club isnt more popular since it's about the only decent rnb/hiphop night in aberdeen I've managed to find! Its a nice club, great tunes on a monday and drinks are cheap. Although there is a lack of male talent and the girls come across as jealous bitches when me and my girls hit the dancefloor, pretty much nobody there could dance.
Anyway enough of my rant! If you like Hiphop/rnb/dancehall get your ass to tiger tiger on a monday night!

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"nails" Mcphee
Wed 30th Nov 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No


Shannus min! E min Ken wiz nae wrong aboot this place like! Raspect to youse like E min! The place is full o' blokes called Josh or some other gay name ken. The birds are worse, all Elisabeth wi their Doltche and Gabanana bags like - bams e' lot them!

Ken, i'd heard aboot this place bein' da best in e' whole toon like. Me n' Jolene - ma bird ken - got a' dolled up and went doon last week. We got in nae bother like, started spiking ta a bloke. Asked him like "Min, got any pills?" He goes "pills??" Fuck, shouldve seen his pus, looked liked id asked him fit time the next space plane left for the moon like! Me n Jo went a' aboot asking ken but nein o' them had fuck all. Music wiz shite an all ken so i goes to Jo to steal some handbags ken. Nae a bad night aftir all!

"'cause i da gi' a fuck, ken!"

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wee allan
Tue 27th Sep 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

i went here a few months back to see kenny dope gonzales,first impressions ,the decor was very nice but there seemed to be a lot of people wearing beret hats and snake skin boots,it was a posers haven,not the kind of place there would be trouble,drinks were extortionate,and the doormen kept eyeing myself and my friends up as if they were expecting trouble which i didnt understand as me and my friends are not the type to cause bother,kenny dope was class although he looked disinterested maybe due to the obviously filthy rich crowd and the lack of atmosphere,wouldnt go back,snaffles a much better crowd with better atmosphere and musically wipes the floor with this "pretty boy" club.

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E Min Ken
Sat 13th Aug 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

This place is fuckin tripe ken, full o predensish pished up ponser pedigree poser types ken!!

Nah chats in there or nutin, just coked up oil workers drolin over the rich tarts.

Tha did nea even let skegzer, dadzer dany ah mysel in twa weeks ago ken. Dadzer's like the hardest guy in logie, ya always let him in ken!! Every time we go to metro or the cotten club dadzer gets the red carpet treatment.

Na taste, wana let us ihn wee trainers, dah even think about wearin a burbery hat.

Women are tight (nea chance gettin a shag unless ye buy them 10 EXPENSIVE drinks) and the wifey bitches dress really posh and trying to show off. Most dah even tak pills like, (ken?)!!

ta summerise diss place is fuukin shite like, ah rather ga te the metro ken!!


E Min Ken

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Thu 2nd Jun 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

OMG i used to like this place but recently i went and i felt sick at the sight of all the posers shmoozing and mincing around, the girls ALL wearing F***ing gypsy clothes and the guys thinkin they look hot with their mullets, i mean whoever said the mullet was back in fashion an any1 who has1 should be shot. Go to Tiger Tiger if feeling like you want a good laugh (laugh at all the posers that is)
Avoid Tiger if feeling depressed...mite jus end up killing yourself...

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Smoove Dawg
Sun 15th May 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

This place is getting tiresome, the same shitty hip-hop and RnB downstairs, and the upstairs dancefloor is too damn small to enjoy. Only go when university term is on, otherwise you'll get the local bums hanging around there.

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