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Tonik Bar,
Unit 10 The Galleria,
Langstane Place,

(01224) 574237

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Angus Toora
Thu 6th Jul 2006

Was this review helpful? Yes No

I may be wrong, but in my humble opinion I think Blu has one of the best music policies in the town. Just because they don't play the same 15 records over and over again like some burnt out school disco/pub jukebox/radio station does not make the music mindless.

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Sun 18th Jun 2006

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dont get confused shazz, posers and ugly people are often the same thing. if you ignore the expesive hair, clothes and make-up on the girls and boys in blu bar what your left with are the aukward insecure little tits who never got noticed at school. now they've grown into their teeth and grown out of spots they've got something to prove. It's a shame because blu bar itself is a nice setup with the sofa's outside but the people in their just stand around looking at each other, occasionally going to the toilet to look at themselves.

It's probably worth a try if you havent been but the only thing more mindless than the people is the music. if you for somewhere with the sort of atmosphere where you can get into conversations with random strangers. this is definately not it.

Personnaly i dont have a problem with people wanting to look good on a night out. But looking good seems to form the basis of Blu Bar culture. not music, or atmosphere, or community.

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aberdeens hottest
Fri 23rd Sep 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

hey this place was good on wednesday we went between there and paramount 69p in paramount 50p in blu bar and the bouncers in both were laid back and cool then we went to liquid and the bouncers were knobs

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Fri 16th Sep 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

What can I say???? FULL of posers fixing their hair in the mirrors, guys in tight tees showing off they're muscles (aint really a bad thing) but..... shite music been in there once wouldnt go again!!

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phillipa hole
Wed 23rd Feb 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

went in here and nobody had a head on their shoulders, thats because they were all up their own arses. do they think this is london? twats in suits with their trophy women who dont have a braincell between them. good pint though

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Aberdeen Sucks
Wed 29th Dec 2004

Was this review helpful? Yes No

nothing wrong with being good looking and rich. just a shame that some pricks in Aberdeen try to hard to impress and be the man about town. Why would you want to stay in this shithole anyway, its a nothing, and so is everyone wannabe blu bar regular. So true!!!!!

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Marie :-)
Tue 28th Dec 2004

Was this review helpful? Yes No

a bar , inside a shopping mall???!!!! Hello? why is it busy!? Couldnd get served. too much r'n'b im sick of it. Play some danceeeeeee!

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Fri 3rd Dec 2004

Was this review helpful? Yes No

I think Blu Bar plays really good music, the atmosphere is good, gash is awesome but its full of Pretencious arseholes.

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Mon 1st Nov 2004

Was this review helpful? Yes No

This place is great on a sunday...rnb hip hop. live mc's, singers and amazing dj's. With undoubtedly Scotlands biggest and best rnb hip hop DJ DAVID CRAIG, the nights are always happenin with a constant flow of amazing mixes. Check it out.

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Wed 25th Feb 2004

Was this review helpful? Yes No

I have to say, as much as i used to love Blu, i can bearly stand the place now.

If it wasnt for the fact that the majority of ny friends frequent the place, i wouldnt bother. The music is good, its clean and most of the punters are first class but the staff are awful. Several of the girls are bitchy, rude, grumpy. They serve only those they like. And before G-unit has a go about them being wonderful, i do know most of them and have been friendly with a few before but i have found them to mostly be the same. Its a terrible advertisment for a local bar and i know loads of people who think the same. Its such a pity, cos the place used to be fab. it'll never out-do paramount for staying power in the popularity and class steaks tho!

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