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191 Ingram Street

(0141) 559 6800

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king kev
Tue 26th Jul 2005

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went on saturday for the first time in a while and hadd a tip top night. tunes were good and there was none of the trouble you'd usually get in some clubs on a saturday with drunks etc. good place for a night out if you fancy a bit of a chat aswell. top marks, apart from drinks prices!

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clubber X
Thu 12th Aug 2004

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This has a whole new life in it on fridays it has funky house in the lite bar by "huggy" of beat 106 fame and down in the club is the always excellent Jim da Best..... Even the price of drink is cool with Miller and vodka mix only £1.50......Then on to Sat when Kris Keegan takes over and with guests every week like Lisa Littlewood and so on it has to be a winner>>>>>. See you all there I'm the very drunk one!!!!!!

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Thu 15th Apr 2004

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okay folks clearly no one has been to the new corinthian that uses this website. Get your asses along you will love it. Thursday it has Lisa Littlewood in the main bar playing ultra funky tunes. Friday is Ally Sandler in the main bar and Kevin Austin in the club, playing a good mix of funky and latin house and Sat night they have Paul Rea playing the best selction of the funkiest tunes around.

Great Atmosphere in the main bar.. some quality eye candy for both the ladies and the go along you will be surprised.. This aint the corinthian it used to be...Funky, Sexy, Trendy.!!!!

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Bob Heaney
Thu 13th Nov 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Enjoy the Piano Bar as the girl on a saturday night is absolutely superb. Unfortunately most of the place are stuck up their own arse. Absolute pretentious tosh left, right, and indeed centre, talking about wether a vodka-Martini should be shaken or stirred, and the staff take 10 minutes to make a three minute cocktail. Except Craig in the piano bar. He's alright.

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Sun 21st Sep 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Could do better.

Positive = hard worked barmen (only 1 on duty at a time) working their wee socks aff. Also, guy playing and singing sone great songs on the old piano (even threw in a mid-chorus "take your drinks of the piano please" line!).

Negative = the oaxter like miasma. The abundant dropping of fag ash on the carpet due to lack of ashtrays. The Damien Hirst artwork like volume of empties uncleared from tables (and this was NOT down to the 2 staff, obviously). The look on the 2nd barmans face when he radio'd for bar staff back up - like the titanic's Morse Coder's.

Yup, it Christmas, yup it's busy, but, why am i left with the suspicion that this came as a surprise to this venue?

If their own website is a bench mark, then, time to change.

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Mon 18th Aug 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

A shabby, damp smelling palace of kitsh. This is like the kind of "classy" place Rigsby would take Miss Jone s for a "posh" night out in Rising Damp.

Only in Glasgow would anyone think this monument to bad taste was anything other than a retreat for 4th Division footballers and their fake tanned, bleached haired scrawny hooker girlfriends.

Awful. Truly awful.

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Thu 6th Mar 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Nice place by Glasgow standards. Just a shame about the daft, gold digging, sex and the city copy-cat females. Just proves that Glasgow will never have an establishment free from "Tam's and Senga's"

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Tue 18th Feb 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Only been in it for a drink after work and its a nice place, attracts a slightly older crowd. Its a very big place, with high, well decorated roofs. Would go again.

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Claire Baby
Tue 10th Dec 2002

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Usually make a trip round after work on a Friday- very cool decor, great floor service, DJ plays cool music from about 9 and the stewards are all lovely. Love the new lighting in the main bar! Great.

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Mr C
Fri 11th Jan 2002

Was this review helpful? Yes No

People must think I have a nose bleed because i'm so impressed with the interior design on the ceiling. Very comfortable and offers excellent relaxation. Table often happens but I have the habit of just going up to the bar to get the drinks in. And if its your round you're as well getting a bank loan to pay for it - not cheap. But it's definitely one of these places to sit in and soak up the luxuriant surroundings.

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