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21-25 Bon Accord Street

(01224) 590500

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Thu 23rd Feb 2006

Was this review helpful? Yes No

i love this place!! 69p drinks and decent music, perfect!! you always c ppl u know in here, and its the best place to start a night out. wish paramount did food tho, then u could have whole day sessions!

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Fri 2nd Dec 2005

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69p a drink on a monday and a wednesday! Never any trouble and the people are all generally nice. Plus the barmaids are stunning! think its a job requirement because there is never a minger behind the bar. absolutely brilliant. best place to kick start your night. get there early and i mean early (11 you will not b able to breath never mind move) and you can get totally buckled for next to nothing! in quite a central location which is always good. but as i say get there early to get the full immensenes of that drinks offer.

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Thu 22nd Sep 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Paramount is amazing! 69p a drink- whats there to complain about? its got a good mix of age groups, and the music generally suits everyone too! now its not epic group that is :) amazing girls on the bar too!!!

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Map of Africa
Fri 2nd Sep 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

We'll i've only been to paramount once but yeah I agree full of narcissistic wankers. Thats probably the 'footballers' one fo you was talking about...whiney little tossers. Wouldn't say the drinks were the cheapest in that place either.

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Mr F***er
Wed 6th Aug 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

So, unsatisfied clubber doesn't like the doorman, especially the Guffy f***er eh? Surely you meant the doormen (plural) then you wouldn't have needed to say 'especially the Guffy f***er'. If you're going to accuse the doorman (sic) of being retards then you could at least use the correct grammar so you don't appear like a retard aswell. Why don't you come up and speak to us so we can see who you are and then ban you for your disrespectful comments? Oh wait a minute, your e-mail address is hidden so what chance have we got of that? Having said that, we are a generally friendly bunch at Paramount, unless you're a ned/mink/arsehole/socially inept person and take the piss, in which case we get tired of you. It should be noted that we get NO trouble in there (apart from last Saturday) so we must be doing a good job. And if we can work without the fear of getting bottled etc then all the better for it.

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Mon 9th Jun 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

this place is full of posing tossers and that includes the called proffesional football women in here need to take their heads out of their own arses.

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Mon 26th May 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

I hate paramount with a very strong passion. It's full of posey people who think there the dogs bollocks - and shock/amazement there not. The Manager and the Managing Director are both absolute wankers who think there in the know!! - little do they know!! Very expensive for drinks and full of poofters which is not much use is your a wee lassie trying to pull on a Sat night eh! Absolute Shite!! Crap charty music aswell - nightmare! what ever happened to R&B and Hiphop I'm sure they used to play that, they obviously decided that it wasn't cool enough for the scene in para eh!! they know nothing!!

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Kevin uk
Thu 8th May 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

This bar does have nice looking females in it, but you cant get near them as they love themselves to much. Not so much trouble there now, as they have new Bouncers who work for an agency. They are on the ball. The tall English bouncer is one mean mother..Dont upset him. If he says leave.Leave ASAP. He chucked my mate out(by the troat) for putting feet on the furniture. The bar staff are gorgeous. No ugly girls are employed. The bald manager knows all of Aberdeen and has a guest list as long as your arm so you can end up in the Q for a while. Once inside the music is ok but not charty enough and its far to busy. You cant move or get served. They have a bus now that takes you to a night club called the Priory. Handy when its raining but the driver is never there. Well worth a visit just dont go there if your thirsty.

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Wed 19th Mar 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Agreed - It's nice to see the Managers from Paramount have internet access in their office to write their own schpeel - Colin!!! Anyway, good for fitba and fitbirds and it's a nice decor inside! Rumor has it that when it was first re-opened it had Posh and Becks for the Ladies and Gents - never seen it myself but shows the target clentelle!!!

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Mon 20th Jan 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

See the review posted by 'Epic' - the one that gushes with compliments for the place! It just so happens that Paramount is owned by the Epic Group - coincedence or what???

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