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The Bongo Club
14 New Street

(0131) 556 5204

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Bongo Club

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Fri 29th Apr 2005

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I went to the DJ premo night a few months ago what a great night full of hash heads but it was a good atmosphere makes a change from all the teeny pill poppas in clubs.

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Fri 9th May 2003

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The bongo is a great venue. I've been going ther for a few years now and it's never a letdown, always great sounds, people and fun. not a shirt or skirt in sight!!! I hope when they move to Moray House they will not loose any of the atmosphere of character that they have managed to build up over the years in New Street.

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Thu 10th Oct 2002

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Jonny Bates is one sexy guy. i fell his nice bum every lickshot night. Keep it at the Bongo plz.

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matt is sexy
Wed 4th Sep 2002

Was this review helpful? Yes No

lickshot rules in tha PANGO! make it every week! plzzzzz! quality music

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Tollcross Tom
Sat 29th Jun 2002

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Messanger Sound System is the only night I've been to here, but it was absolutely fantastic. Brilliant sound system, brilliant music, brilliant crowd, chilled atmosphere (lots of dope smoking), rather expensive beer and entry.

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Tue 18th Jun 2002

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Heal yeah The first reviewer must b a narc or something! This clum has one of the premiere sound systems in scotland, for all i know the uk! Messanger Sound System and if u r not sure let me tell ya Lee "Scratch" Perry RECENTLY played there!! And yes ppl do smoke pot and why the heck not?? Grebby pit?? They must mean the loo which is to put it mildley undesirable but ever been to glasgow/thailand?:_)*Peace*

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Sun 17th Mar 2002

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Down market place with an alternative music policy. The only reason to go is if the music appeals, it is overpriced, badly decorated and cramped with a tiny bar and an always full cloakroom. Populated, amongst others, by dope-smoking studenty types and people who don't mind queueing for 30mins on a staircase to gain entry to a grebby pit.

The bar prices are reasonable.

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Wed 29th Nov 2006

Was this review helpful? Yes No

This is by far the best venue for more underground music in Edinburgh. Since it moved to bigger premises a couple of years ago it now has a great dancefloor, proper bar and decent loos.
Best nights there are Headspin for funk, hiphop and house, Messenger for reggae and Fast for punk.
Give it a shot.

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Thu 16th Jan 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

crumby, damp,well worn place with the smallest toilet in scotland. the people that go are usually a cool bunch. this makes up for the high door charge. music variable from excellent to utter rubbish.

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Sun 15th Dec 2002

Was this review helpful? Yes No

The Bongo is wicked. Messanger Sound System nights are bass laden and dread-lock emblazoned beautiful ladies. Theres a welcoming smell in the air, cheap beers and dub sounds. Mid-week they put on a variety of stuff - look out for their Spoken word nights.

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