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Sub Club
22 Jamaica Street

(0141) 248 4600

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Sub Club

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Fri 7th Apr 2006

Was this review helpful? Yes No

OPtimo is THE best nite in Glasgow!!, im in Canada 4 1 year n im missing the place sooooo much!!!

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Charming Man
Sat 1st Nov 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

I know fuck all about DJ's, dance music and the club scene but I know that I love the Sub Club.

A lot of pretentious crap is written about this place but when you leave a club feeling that you've just stepped of a fairground ride you know you're on to a good thing.

Go, get nutted and enjoy !

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Papa Lazarou
Sun 11th May 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Best club and best sound system in Scotland, bar none.

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master at work
Fri 31st Jan 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Every element comes together in the club to make it an awesome night- and the sound system is just wicked. Shame about the stewards- not a well coordinated operation and certainly not doing there job which is to make us clubbers feel safe. Complete tits.

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Mr Richard
Tue 14th Jan 2003

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Had a fab night at bughouse on friday. takes me right back too the way clubs should be. Long may it continue ...................................................... ......:-)

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Mon 16th Dec 2002

Was this review helpful? Yes No

I went to sub club for the 1st time last week on sat. absolutely magic! harri and dom, absolutely brilliant. EVERYONE is there to have a good time, unlike the arches where 1 in 4 people are knobs. gets my vote anyday.

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vlad tepes
Thu 21st Mar 2002

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Dont understand everyones problem with the bouncers, in all my years of going to subculture I've never had a problem with them at all.
As for the venue, well its better than planet peach was but it still makes you homesick for jamaica street.
Harri is starting to drop off a little bit (maybe its his age) but can still rock da house when he puts his mind to it.Dom on the other hand just seems to get better all the time. Its always a good crowd (no neds) and even if it is £2.70 for a jack and coke its still well worth a visit.

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mr wilson
Mon 25th Feb 2002

Was this review helpful? Yes No

agree doormen are wankers, never getting my cash again, music is still good though.

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bo Duke
Tue 12th Feb 2002

Was this review helpful? Yes No

your doormen are the biggest bunch of wankers on planet earth. Afraid i like the music harri and dom really push it to the max, why do you let yourselves down with these fucking morons!!!!!


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Sun 12th Mar 2006

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Thought the Sub Club was a really good night, was at subculture but will definately try the other nights, the crowd is different from a lot of places in Glasgow, theres no atmosphere in a bad sense, and people actually apologise when they bump into you, you get the feeling the people appreciate the music and just want to have a good night.

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