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The Establishment
3 Semple Street

0131 229 7733

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Thu 16th Feb 2006

Was this review helpful? Yes No

I'm 7ft tall, so rarely have difficulty getting served here.
It's great music, and great atmosphere. Thursdays are the best, although alot of sleezy guys go, which can be very irritating when your trying to be a gentleman... But it's closing down soon apparently. so i'm gutted

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Wed 18th Jan 2006

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Evry time I stagger outta there on a Thursday nite, I swear I won't b goin back the next! Sum how though, I always do!What it is about the place that keeps pullin me back I jus dunno. I mean 1)my bathroom is bigger than that place and 2)I wudn't choose to drink nail varnish remover at home so why would I want to drink their vodka?! It must b the music then cos it's the one thing that's always qaulity and the talent's not too bad either!Full of Irish guys though+don't let them get a hold of you cos they won't let go! Go and have a great time but get really drunk b4 u go cos that's the only way the aforementioned will happen. Oh+ b prepared to spend the nxt day picking bits of glass out of the bottom of ur shoes!

Reply to this review
Fri 6th May 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

went there last nite coz it was 50p a vod mix, except the drinks (be it the vod or the mix) are a tad minging... but still drinkable! RnB tunes all nite, which was a pain. nice decor inside tho

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Wed 27th Apr 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Dont touch the cheap vodka in their... its minging cheap s**t!!!

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Fri 8th Apr 2005

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Only ever go here on a Wednesday night when its 1 a drink and its never overly busy then for some reason, cant complain at that, mangled on 20!!

Reply to this review
Fri 3rd Dec 2004

Was this review helpful? Yes No

i have only ever been on a saturday night for the RnB night, diggity.

these nights are have quality djs playing quality music. especially when there are guests appearing. this creates a great buzz about the night and when the hit the decks the place goes off!!

the establishment is a small, hot club and the waiting time at the bar is can be pretty ridiculous if its busy......

i would recommend it as the hottest RnB club in town to anyone though!!

Reply to this review
Mon 15th Nov 2004

Was this review helpful? Yes No

too hot
too loud (dont dance near the speakers unless you have a penchant for deafness)
too full (i.e. no room for dancing on the dance floor)
get drunk before you go, bar waaaaay to wee
good music though

Reply to this review
Laura A
Sun 26th Sep 2004

Was this review helpful? Yes No

Establishment is shit, went on a thursday nite, was far too packed, the cloakroom was full, took bout half an hour to get a drink, which was watered down big style and the dancefloor is way too small.
Laura (Northern Ireland)

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Sun 1st Aug 2004

Was this review helpful? Yes No

I am from Glasgow and for a bit of a change me and 2 of my friends headed to Edinburgh for the night. We were told by many people to head Establishment, so we did. It was a great night even if it was a Shagtag night. The music was varied satisfying everyone's taste, cheap booze and alright looking guys. However back in Glasgow I am a Garage regular and I am used to the luxury of chosing between 9 bars and getting served reasonabley quickly, whereas in Establishment there is one bar with not enough staff behing it and waiting for half an hour to get served gets a bit boring after a while. Also don't like all the smashed glass everywhere. All in all it was a great night and we will defo be heading back there but will drink before we head out.

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Thu 15th Jan 2004

Was this review helpful? Yes No

this place is great for several reasons:- The drink is reasonably cheap, girls are hot and music is good. they play lots of rnb which allows u to bust some grindin moves on the dancefloor.
oh, they also sell bottles of cristal champagne if u feel like having an expensive night. aye.

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