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Your Guide to the Night

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Ever gone for a night out and realised you have no idea what's on and where to go? We soon realised that finding good club listings was near impossible, so decided to set up our own site. Of course, if you're going to a club you have to go somewhere first to meet up and get drunk so we also have comprehensive lists of pubs.

Cities & clubs


NightB4 in...

Aberdeen (UK)
Dundee (UK)
Edinburgh (UK)
Glasgow (UK)
Inverness (UK)
Largs (UK)
Newcastle (UK)
Nottingham (UK)

Dublin (IE)

Latest Reader Reviews

Savoy (Glasgow) 12/07
Jumpin Jaks (Glasgow) 11/07
C.C. Blooms (Edinburgh) 12/06
Tally Ho (Dundee) 17/03
Polo Lounge (Glasgow) 11/03
Charlie Smith's (Largs) 13/02
Deja Vu (Dundee) 16/10
Espionage (Aberdeen) 13/10
Garage (Glasgow) 09/09
Bamboo (Glasgow) 25/07
Bar Salsa (Edinburgh) 08/07
The Wild Boar (Aberdeen) 24/05
Bugsy Brown's (Aberdeen) 03/04
Filthy McNasty's (Aberdeen) 29/04

Latest Venues

Boho (Glasgow)
Campus East (Glasgow)
Karbon (Glasgow)
Admiral (Glasgow)
Potters (Glasgow)
Rags (Inverness)
Over the Road (Glasgow)
Buffalo Joes (Glasgow)
Silver (Glasgow)
Play (Glasgow)
Viper (Glasgow)
Tusk (Glasgow)
Cell (Glasgow)
Silk (Glasgow)
Butterfly and the Pig (Glasgow)

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